Tips to Help Adjust Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Kelcie Rivera - April 15, 2020

In recent weeks, many businesses have had to adapt their marketing strategies to meet the changes in consumer behavior and digital consumption. If you are considering the next step for your business’ marketing, consider these 4 categories of advertisers and tips to help you adjust your strategy:

#1 Challenged: Consider Short-Term Marketing

View your marketing in 90-day terms. There are likely still customers who are looking for you; continuity of marketing will ensure they can find you.

  • Identify your most profitable areas and products, and place most of your focus there.
  • Set up an action-plan to quickly adjust your current campaigns as the market changes.

#2 Assessing: Prepare for Recovery

Adjust your marketing similarly to those who are in the “challenged” category but with a longer term view of 6 months or more.

  • Revisit your current campaigns, and perform a campaign clean-up to ensure they can be implemented post-crisis.
  • Check your search and location settings for up-to-date information.

#3 Pivoting: Shift Spend & Strategy

Maintain updated knowledge on how to shift your marketing budget and focus as the marketplace continues to change.

  • Position your brand to be easily discovered.
  • Increase brand reach and equity and identify new markets and customer segments.

#4 Investing: Invest & Build Customer Relationships

If demand for your product or service remains steady, find additional ways to connect and be a resource for your customers.

  • Keep customers informed on helpful, timely information (e.g. newly stocked items, shipping dates, business hours).
  • Take advantage of new marketing formats and channels.

Regardless of how your marketing strategy changes, be sure to always:

  • Audit and assess all of your marketing channels to determine what is appropriate
  • Adjust the tone of your messaging and creative
  • Use every opportunity to be helpful and a resource for customers

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