Top 3 Resourceful QR Code Tactics

Tiffany Weimar - February 15, 2011

Did you read the newspaper this morning? Chances are you probably came across at least one black and white barcode-looking image somewhere throughout the paper.  These are actually called QR Codes.  QR codes, abbreviated for Quick Response, are two-dimensional codes that are readable by camera phones.  The popularity of QR codes is increasing dramatically and you can often find them on different collateral pieces, including brochures, business cards, etc… 

How do QR codes work?

When the QR Code is scanned by a smartphone, the user is delivered to a designated mobile landing page that corresponds to the offline marketing message.  QR codes are a great way to drive traffic to your mobile website and also a creative way to drive offline customers online.  A few of the greatest benefits are that they are inexpensive to create and can be placed on any printable surface.  Below is an excellent example of how to effectively promote a program.  The QR code is incorporated onto marketing materials to promote a special Happy Hour Menu.

QR Codes

Wondering how or when to use QR codes for your business? 
Here are the top 3 resourceful tactics when using QR Codes:

  • One of the best times to use a QR code is when you have limited space to
    explain an offer.  If you are a concert venue, placing a QR code on the back of a ticket or on the front of an admission band would allow people to view upcoming concert dates after scanning the code with a smartphone.
  • Use a QR code to create a “mobile only promotion”.  This is a great way drive traffic to your mobile website.  This “value-add” may encourage users to visit your mobile website in the future for additional offers.
  • Leverage QR codes on business materials.  The barcodes create curiosity.  By placing a QR code on a business card, the individual may become intrigued to discover what’s “behind” the barcode.  Not knowing where the QR code will lead encourages you to scan the QR code to find out more. 
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