Top Growing & Declining Ecommerce Categories in April 2020

Kelcie Rivera - May 13, 2020

Our way of life and daily activity has radically changed; so have buying habits and formats. With social distancing guidelines enacted and the closure of most brick and mortar stores, digital buying has seen a significant uptick. Of course, much of that buying has been for “essential” products like food, but initial data shows that ecommerce sales are also happening in non-essential categories.

Below are the top four categories reported by eMarketer for ecommerce purchases in April 2020:

  • Clothing and Apparel – 52%

Though Clothing and Apparel remain in first place, the category dropped 4% from the previous month.

  • Health and Beauty Products – 44%

A focus on at home health and self-care, caused this category to increase 6%.

  • Household Cleaning Items – 37%

This category is up 7% following the spike in demand for cleaning and disinfectants products.

  • Food and Beverage – 36%

With many states still under stay-at-home orders, it is likely customers will continue to heavily rely on ecommerce. Here are a few considerations when adapting an ecommerce strategy.

  • To properly fulfill the needs of customers and adjust your Digital Marketing Strategy accordingly, adopt a data-driven mindset. Analyze your campaign and website performance, looking out for patterns in consumer behavior that can be applied toward optimization.
  • Remain transparent and consistent with communication to your customers. Provide inventory updates on product pages and website content with answers your customers are looking for.
  • Look for opportunities in special sales or loyalty programs. Many consumers may be especially price sensitive during this time; consider offering a discount or item add-on if resources are available.

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