Shopping Cart Abandonment – Turn “Would-Be” Customers into Paying Customers

Serina Fignole - September 21, 2017

Are you looking at your shopping cart exit rates and wondering why they are so high? There are a few ways e-commence businesses can lessen the likelihood of this occurring.

Easy Payment Options

Keep your payment options quick and easy. The following companies offer one-click payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Payments
  • Google Wallet

One-click payments typically aid with customer conversion due to the checkout process being as simple as possible.

Increase Shopping Cart Visibility

Make sure when it comes time for a customer to check out they don’t have to search for your shopping cart. Keep your shopping cart visible at all times by including it as a permanent element to your website. Also, your customers should be able to easily add and remove items from the cart at will.

Sensible & Visible Shipping Rates

Shipping can’t always be free. However, a big part of the reason shopping cart abandonment happens is due to shipping rates being high and unknown until checkout. To combat this barrier and seal the deal, you should:

  • Ensure your shipping rates align with your competitors
  • Prior to checking out, allow your customers to calculate shipping rates
  • Extend shipping incentives, such as free shipping over a reasonable dollar amount or flat rate shipping

The Option to Save Items for Later

Another big reason your shopping cart exit rates may seem high is because many customers are not ready to buy and are just on your website to browse. To prevent this from increasing your shopping cart exit rate, create an option for your customers to save items for later by signing in. Now you’ve acquired their contact information, you are able to remind them about the items they saved or cross-sell via email.

Mobile-Friendly Shopping Cart

On average, over half of online purchase are done via a mobile device. With that being said, every company needs to ensure their checkout process is mobile friendly by minimizing the number of fields and navigation options, making visual elements easy to see and offering one-click payment options.

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