Updates to the Bing Ads Preview Tool

Anne Garcia - October 11, 2012

We always recommend that businesses use search engine Ad Preview Tools to preview their ads in order to visualize what their ads look like on the search engine results page (SERP) without impacting PPC campaign metrics.

The recently re-branded advertising platform, Bing Ads, has released an updated version of its ad preview tool. Advertisers will be able to enter targeted terms, specify a language, publisher domain and user location to preview ads. For the user location option, advertisers can enter a specific country, state and city into the tool to preview ads. In addition, latitude and longitude coordinates can be entered into the location fields to preview ads.

The Bing Ads preview tool is accessible through the advertising platform under the “Tools” section. The network says that in the near future, the ad preview tool will be accessible without logging into Bing Ads, so that advertisers will be able to preview their ads on their own, without requiring user access to the network. Similarly, the Google AdWords ad preview tool is accessible without having a user login to an AdWords account.

Bing Ads says that advertisers will receive diagnostic feedback if campaigns are not engaging in the specified requirements, if advertisers are not exclusively bidding for the search term or there are diagnostic campaign components that are hindering an ad from being shown.

Below is a screenshot of the new Bing Ads preview tool.

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