Use AdWords Dimensions to Dissect your PPC data

Anne Garcia - June 5, 2013

Have you ever wanted to quickly see your AdWords PPC performance across a specific hour of the day, day of the week or across a user’s location? The Dimensions tab within Google AdWords allows advertisers to dissect their data across ad groups, campaigns or their entire account. From these findings, advertisers can make educated decisions on how to optimize their campaigns.

Some of the available Dimension options are Time, Geography, Search terms and Automatic placements. One way that an advertiser can use the Dimensions report is to view data by hour of the day to identify the time periods where there is a lull in conversions; from here the advertiser can choose to ad schedule their campaigns so that they are not wasting advertising dollars during periods of the day when their website visitors are not likely to convert.

Similarly, by using the Geographic Dimension, an advertiser can find which locations are more likely to bring in conversions and choose to increase their budget for those locations.

To access Dimensions within Google AdWords, navigate to the Campaigns tab and from there select the Dimensions tab.

Below is a screen shot of an example of a Dimensions report by week.

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