Use Remarketing to Target Viewers of Your YouTube Videos

Anne Garcia - September 4, 2012

Many advertisers implement Remarketing to bring back website visitors who have abandoned their shopping carts or may even use the strategy to remind visitors to fill out a lead generation form. A new way to reach your niche audience is to target users who have watched your YouTube videos or your videos embedded on other sites such as Facebook.

Once one of your videos begins to play, a tracking pixel is activated and you will have the ability to create different user remarketing lists per video, which will allow you to show specific banner or text ads to the watchers, based on the video that was played. For example, if you have many different videos on your YouTube channel and one specific video covers PPC optimization techniques; you can show banner ads with the PPC optimization techniques to the audience that watched the same video. This remarketing technique allows you to show banner ads to viewers who may have watched your YouTube ad, but may have never been to your website.

To set up the tracking pixel, you must sync your AdWords account to your YouTube channel account. From there you can create new remarketing lists and use these lists for targeting your banner or text ads.

Advertisers have seen similar cost-per-acquisitions (CPA) for YouTube Remarketing as their overall account CPA, while conversion rates tended to be lower, but cost-per-views ranged from $0.15 to $0.25.

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