Use These Ad Extensions to Help Keep Your Google Ads Relevant

April Nelson - June 23, 2020

Callout Extensions and Structured Snippet Extensions are ideal for helping to keep your Paid Search ads fresh. They allow you to quickly and easily extend your ads with general information that’s relevant to your entire business. These extensions provide users with additional information and more reasons to click your ads. This can lead to increases in CTR and more qualified visitors coming to your website.

Structured snippets help showcase a group of products or services that your business provides. There are pre-determined headers or types that can be used so structured snippets may not be a good fit for all websites. Headers you can choose include “Services”, “Brands”, “Courses”, “Insurance Coverage” and more.  The full list is available when you are setting up a new extension in your Google Ads account. Regardless of the header you choose – you must enter at least 3 values for the extension to have chance to be displayed. Structured Snippet Extensions are typically displayed under the description, as a comma-separated list.

Callouts can also help highlight specific offers or aspects of your products and services. They are less restrictive than Structured Snippets in that you do not assign your values to a header. So Callouts are a good fit for any website. At MoreVisibility we have used Callouts within some of our clients’ accounts to help communicate what they are doing to ensure health and safety of their customers and team members during the COVID pandemic. For example, “Safety is our Priority”, “Social Distance in Place”, “All Staff are Tested”, “Curbside Pickup”, “24/7 Virtual Care”. At least 3 Callouts are required but we suggest adding many more because Google will show up to 10 different Callouts – the ones they think best align with each searchers’ intent.

Adding or updating your Callout and Structured Snippet extensions take little time to implement and can make a big impact on your CTR and conversion rate.

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