Using Responsive Landing Pages for Custom Audience Campaigns

Robert Kohser - January 9, 2014

Facebook’s Custom Audience campaigns allow you to target individual users, tailoring your marketing message directly to them. While this is a great advancement in digital advertising, your efforts can be compromised if you’re sending a user to a landing page that doesn’t look good on their device.


If you’re directing a user to a “watered-down” mobile landing page, you run the risk of alienating them. If a desktop user gets more features – and experiences a better looking site – than a mobile user, the mobile user may feel penalized for using their (beloved) device. People don’t typically feel love for their desktop computer, but they certainly have a relationship with their phones; your landing page should give them even more to love.

This is why you should be using responsive landing pages.

By using responsive pages, you can provide users the exact content they need, displayed beautifully on the device they love. These two technologies combined have ushered in a new era of personalized marketing.

Of course, to get responsive landing pages, you need a responsive website. While this can be a big investment, it is the future of design – especially for marketers who want to deliver the best experience, and get the most for their ad spend.

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