Wait… That Keyword May be More Valuable than You Think!

Alexandra Hagler - July 16, 2010

How do you optimize your campaigns? Do you pause or remove keywords that have the most spend with no conversions? If so you might want to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

A couple of months ago Google launched a new “Search Funnel” feature in the AdWords interface. The data that you are able to view includes keywords that assisted in impressions and clicks, but did not receive credit for the final conversion. Previously you were only able to see the final keyword that drove the conversion.

To find the “search funnel” report in your Adwords interface, click on the Reports tab, conversions and to the left you will see the area of Adwords to view search funnels.

AdWords Search Funnel

One strategy I have personally found helpful is to create a campaign with the assisting keywords in respective adgroups. This way you are able to control the amount of daily budget you would like to use on these types of words and you are not cannibalizing from your “core” group of performing keywords daily spend.

For example, you have a product where people do not know the particular name of your product, but they are able to explain it in a few words in a search query in Google. “I want to buy the machine that records TV shows. This might not be a direct keyword such as TiVo, DVR or another brand, but you are giving your product and company name visibility to the user at their beginning stages of the buying or research process.

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