Walmart Releases Details About New Advertising Platform

Chuck Forbes - September 22, 2021

You did not read the headline wrong. Walmart, the well-known retail chain, unveiled plans that will allow advertisers to use its first-party data for campaigns on a new platform called Walmart DSP. Walmart has built its platform using tech from the software company The Trade Desk, matching their shoppers information and details to categories and targeting options.  

Walmart DSP is set to be ready for advertisers to explore in October 2021. Walmart Connect SVP Rich Lehrfeld stated, “It’s all first-party data. So we look at our data, we append an ID on to it, we are looking at a post-cookie world.” The Trade Desk has also announced the ability in the near future for publishers and advertisers to leverage Walmarts first-party data. Using their own third-party cookie, advertisers will be able to leverage many of the customer and audience segments within the Walmart DSP. Both companies seem to have created an ecosystem of data and revenue for each other. 

A quick Google search will remind you how powerful Walmart’s data could be: 

Large retail companies have adapted to the boom of e-commerce and are now adapting again using their customer data. New user privacy restrictions on devices are making third-party data challenging to collect, opening a higher demand for retailers to leverage and use their first-party data. Look for retailers like Walmart to begin leveraging their customer data in every way possible and ramp up demand for advertisers to use their platforms.

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