What do you mean by re-design?

MoreVisibility - August 2, 2007

The trend is clear…re-design is the name of the game. However, listening to companies going through a re-design, it is not always clear what they mean by “I’m redesigning my site”. This term is being used lightly in some cases, it is a face lift, but in others, we are talking migration of platforms and more.

Not all scenarios can be advised the same way. A couple of years ago, graphics revolutionized design with the inclusion of flash and splash pages. Then, it took a while for people to realize that even though the sites were aesthetically pleasing; these languages were not Search Engine friendly. Now, we are here in a new redesign era where Search Engines are taken into consideration first and foremost by many businesses.

Some companies perceive redesigning a site as just changing the graphics. If these are the only changes, Search Engine rankings will probably not be affected. With a redesign that involves changes in the programming language and even the Content Management System being used, Search Engine Rankings can be adversely affected.

A Redesign could also be going from a 100% static site to a dynamically driven site with a shopping cart. This adds functionality to a site and Search Engines requirements have to be followed in order to maintain current rankings.

Other redesigns involve changes to the navigation system making it more user-friendly. If this transformation includes the change of the programming language and not just the layout, then Search Engine rankings should be taken seriously into consideration.

Re-branding is another good reason behind a redesign, but your company shouldn’t lose the history or performance of your previous domain or brand. Search Engines consider history and you should make sure you incorporate this factor by having a transition strategy in place.

So, what type of redesign are you referring to?

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