What Makes A Great Client Relationship?

Marissa Dilione - October 22, 2020

I manage a select grouping of clients here at MoreVisibility and want to share some insights on how we best help these organizations to accomplish their goals.

Three main points come to mind:

The first is when clients genuinely consider us to be an extension of their marketing team, versus just a vendor. It really helps our efforts to be more in the loop with some of the other marketing initiatives that they’re doing outside of digital. We’re always rooting for the success of our clients and I think when we’re able to have those deeper conversations, it can make their overall strategy super-successful, particularly in terms of consistency of brand messaging.

Second is receiving timely feedback. It’s vital to always be improving program performance. Digital channels are fluid and adaptable, so testing new copy, landing pages, etc. (for SEM) are key to achieving the best possible ROI. Accurate analytics data is a key component here.

Number three is helping our clients (who need it) to gain a basic understanding of Digital Marketing. This leads to more productive conversations and outcomes. Our clients are the experts in their industry and in their business and how it operates. But when they understand how Digital Marketing can drive meaningful revenue / results, it helps us help them to succeed by knowing what we need to focus on most immediately.

Prioritization is crucial in terms of focusing attention where it’s most needed.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work with clients to achieve fantastic outcomes, please let us know.

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