What’s Your 2010 PPC Strategy?

Ryan Faria - February 5, 2010

With the arrival of the New Year, 2010 is the perfect time to evaluate your online campaigns and budgets.  It should come as no surprise that advertisers are allocating more of their budgets to support pay per click efforts.  According to eMarketer.com, it is projected that online advertisers will spend $11.4 billion in advertising for 2010; an increase of over $600 million from 2009.

Us Search Advertising Spending

When assessing your budget, try allocating more of your budget toward campaigns that indicate special savings.  By incorporating these promotions into your ad copy, not only can you make your brand loyal customers aware of these deals, but you may also acquire new customers. Simply offering a promotion on your site alone may not produce the exposure you are looking for.

Another way to maximize your budget is to analyze your ecommerce and conversion results per state.  Specific states that perform better than others should have their campaign duplicated and geo-targeted to concentrate on a certain area.  By breaking these campaigns out into area specific budgets, it allows you the opportunity to garner more sales within this designated area or areas.

With so many different opportunities to generate sales online sales, now is the time to increase your budget to support new, fun and creative promotions.  Having the budget to support new campaign initiatives can help make 2010 a great year for your online business.

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