Why it is Time to Capitalize on Personalization and Interactive Marketing

Andrew Wetzler - February 9, 2022

There is no doubt that personalization and interactive content have become a modern standard in digital marketing. This approach opens all sorts of opportunities to leverage technology and creativity in truly imaginative ways. As a result, brand promotion has gone from a macro to a micro sale, which translates into the powerful opportunity to cater messaging to individuals in new and interactive ways.

Why Personalized Marketing Matters

Countless studies show that the vast majority of customers enjoy customized advertisements and marketing. At the same time, companies are struggling with implementing this approach. The good news is that any learning curve is well worth the ROI. Consider the fact that companies that implement personalization can exponentially increase their ROI. Once you start implementing the right tools, the sky’s the limit.

While generalized advertisements have certainly had their place, they also represent a more static and passive approach to marketing. Personalized messaging is data-driven, which means that you fundamentally know more about the consumer, and you are leveraging that information to create more effective campaigns. Since the messaging is targeted, your chances of catching their attention and motivating them to engage are exponentially higher.

Gathering data on customer behavior also allows you to be proactive about meeting their needs. Instead of being caught flat-footed as markets evolve, you can predict what products, features, and/or services consumers will be interested in next. Innovation at the company can be informed by consumer needs so that you can always be positioned at the forefront of your industry.

What Does Interactive Online Marketing Look Like?

When it comes to effective online marketing, personalization and interactive content often go hand in hand. Providing interactive content through surveys, social media posts, quizzes, assessments, and other tools helps to promote engagement. The more a customer interacts with your content, the more information you can gather about their interests, preferences, and behavior. All this data can then be channeled into personalization.

While personalization and interactive content aren’t new ideas, they are becoming increasingly common in a data-driven world where customer expectations are constantly on the rise. If you have yet to fully implement these tools or explore creative ways to use them for your business, now is the time because there is no doubt that your competition is already leveraging these tools.

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