Will Google Caffeine Affect SEM Campaign Strategies?

Lesley Gross - September 1, 2009

Google has recently launched a preview of their new tool, Caffeine. This program provides a developer preview allowing webmasters and power searchers the ability to give feedback on organic search results. In short, we will get to weigh in on Google’s algorithmic changes before they are launched.

So will this new tool affect your Google AdWords campaigns? According to Google, and an interview with Matt Cutts, the answer is simple; No. However, as a Search Engine Marketer, I believe we can use the information being provided from Caffeine to make smarter choices with our PPC campaigns. Unlike with past algorithm updates, we are able to get a preview of how our own listings will look. As we all know, SEO results are long-term and can take some time to change. If your positions drop due to these updates, it is your SEM campaigns that will immediately accommodate for these shifts that we are likely to see in organic results.

Creating a new campaign aimed at top positions for certain keywords that may be affected is a great way to combat an organic drop in visibility. With Google’s Caffeine we can be one step ahead of the curve in proactively selecting keywords to bid on. Be sure to check out this tool so that you can create a strong PPC campaign to quickly reclaim your presence.

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