Yahoo Ads Get Mobilized

Lesley Gross - October 6, 2009

Despite the recent announcement of a Yahoo-MSN search deal, Yahoo continues to make news with updates to their advertising platform. Now they have announced the addition of mobile ads for iPhones, iPod Touches, and Android phones.


The twist to this is that Yahoo did not imply that these ads would be compatible with any Windows Mobile Devices. So MSN was basically left off of this new Yahoo revenue stream… very interesting.

Finally, and more importantly, how does this affect current Yahoo advertisers? If you are currently running a campaign in Yahoo, your ads have been automatically set up to start running as of September 29th. 2009. For some businesses this is great, for others this may result in unqualified traffic. I would recommend anyone running a Yahoo Search Marketing campaign to check out your campaign settings now and monitor how these changes are affecting your overall results.

Only time will tell how much revenue this means to Yahoo and how much cost this means to the advertiser.

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