Yahoo Has Decided to Display

Nydia Davis - July 8, 2009

On June 22, 2009 Yahoo announced its first version of their new self service display ad builder called My Display Ads. Yahoo didn’t jump into the display ad match when others like Google, Facebook, and Myspace did.

According to Yahoo’s press release, the intention with My Display Ads is to be of service to specific types of advertisers. The first is small and mid-size local marketers. What better way for Yahoo to showcase its enthusiasm to the local market than by doing a case study on a real local advertiser. The local targeted mid-size advertiser had never used display ads prior and was a part of Yahoo’s Spring pilot. The advertiser used display ads targeted to the Greensboro, NC marketplace for its Memorial Day sale as well as its regular television, print, and radio efforts. The traffic was so compelling and converted well enough for them to pull out of other marketing efforts to spend more online using My Display Builder and target other geographies.

Ad networks see Yahoo’s quality inventory as niche and well targeted. The ad inventory fed into their display ad system includes both Yahoo-owned and network properties through Yahoo’s Right Media exchange. This allows other small networks to opt into Yahoo’s display network. Thus, advertiser’s ads can be seen on other small search engines, news articles and so forth.

Those who aren’t running paid efforts in other engines and use Yahoo search marketing solely, now have another performance tool to help increase spend and revenue. Yahoo added new targeting options including geographic and demographic targeting late last year. Now with the release of the display ad platform, the advertising targeting options will open up a new playing field for advertisers.

 Yahoo display ads can help national advertisers target specific local markets. Serving display ads to specific locations gives the ability to create detailed ad messages for regional markets and gives an opportunity to national advertisers to grab hold of their targeted audience.

The best time to jump on board to Yahoo’s display advertising program is now. Competition is relatively low and bids are as well. Once word gets out that the feature is available and marketers start using it, the bidding war for ad space begins.

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