You Asked, They Sort Of Listened: Performance Max Edition

Jill Goldstein - March 6, 2023

Ever since the launch of Performance Max, there’s been some skepticism around the lack of control and insights for Googles newest campaign type. Recently, Google announced some updates coming to Performance Max campaigns. While these updates do not address the elephant in room of the lack of insight into performance by network, it’s a start. See below for a quick rundown.

  1. Account-Level Negative Keywords – While you cannot add negative keywords directory to a Performance Max campaign, you can add account-level negative keywords, which will help you exclude traffic you do not want to receive. These negative keywords apply to all campaigns that serve on Search and Shopping inventory, which includes Performance Max.
  2. Campaign-Level Brand Exclusions – Coming soon, you will be able to exclude brand searches for your Performance Max campaigns.
  3. Page Feeds – In the coming months, we will have the ability to upload a feed of URLs to inform Google’s AI of your most important pages. Note that this does NOT restrict its page matching to just them.
  4. Experiments – Use experiments to measure the incrementality of using Performance Max by running an experiment. You can also use experiments to test a traditional Shopping Campaign vs. Performance Max to gauge whether you should replace the Shopping Campaigns.
  5. Video Creation Tool – Google has added the (already available) Video Creation Tool to the Assets section of the Performance Max workflow. This will allow you to create templated videos using images and copy assets you already have. As a reminder, if you don’t add a video to your Performance Max campaigns, Google will automatically create one for you.
  6. Asset Group Reporting – We will soon see key performance metrics at the asset group level. Currently, we only see a generic rating (Below Average, Average, Good, etc.)
  7. Budget Pacing Insights – In the next few weeks, we will start to see insights around how our campaigns have spent, how much they are projected to spend along with current and forecasted performance.

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