Your average Blogger: A look at Blog demographics

MoreVisibility - June 13, 2008

Once a hobby, blogging is now mainstream and has been widely accepted by individuals and businesses. It’s rare that a company isn’t blogging on some level to its clients, prospects, or industry. We are all aware of blogs and the many benefits they can offer from a marketing perspective. Given the strong influence of blogs, it’s important to understand blogger demographics.

According to BIGresearch, the average blogger is 37.6 years old, and 69.7% are white. 20% of bloggers are Hispanic, 12.2% African American, and 3.7% Asian.

In a separate study by Deloitte & Touche, a blogger’s age also influenced the interaction with blogs – the younger the age, the more he/she was likely to read/keep a blog. 55% of millennials between the ages of 13-24 read blogs, compared to only 42% of those in the 25-42 age range, 27% of users in 42-60 age range, and 15% of users 61-75. These stats are similar to the interaction patterns with Social Networks – Millennials are more engaged with blogs as compared to Boomers.

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