Your “Contact Us” page better be good!

Marni Weinberg - February 17, 2009

What does that really mean? In other words, how could a Contact Us page actually be bad?  For starters, if you do not have a separate page clearly found in your navigation titled “Contact Us”, you ought to. Basically, contacting you should be the easiest thing for your visitors to do. Look at it this way…if you have a top notch site, but your visitor has difficulty reaching out to you to either pose a question, get more information, etc. you will most likely lose credibility and/or a potential lead or sale. You should think of this page as one of the most important on your site. Here are a few staples every Contact Us page should have…

– Besides offering the option to click on your Contact Us Page from the home page, it should be visible in the entire site navigation. Your visitors should have the opportunity to visit the Contact Us Page from every page on your site.
– Offer a variety of ways for visitors to reach you. Just a few to mention…

  1. Email, which can be multiple addresses based on the purpose of the inquiry. Some examples include:,,, and
  2. Phone and Fax (both toll free when possible)
  3. Online Forms
  4. Live Chat
  5. Map, Directions and Hours of Operation

On MoreVisibility’s Contact Us page, we offer a variety of ways to reach us, as well as clear cut action items for our visitors to take once they are there: Newsletter Sign-Up Option, Free Search Engine Visibility Report, Latest Blog Posts, as well as a Google Custom Search Feature. In addition, we have implemented an Add This Feature, which is a Social Bookmark & Feed Feeder Button. Please click here to view our Contact Us page.

Once again, the basic goal of your Contact Us Page???  To ensure that “getting in contact with you” is the absolute simplest thing for visitors to do!


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