3 Easy Steps to Gaining FREE Traffic

Taylor Wilson - June 1, 2010

There are a variety of ways to gain traffic to your site, many of which can cost a pretty penny, but if you are going to pay for traffic you ought to drive as much free traffic as possible as well.

Below are three easy steps to gaining better organic positions and more FREE traffic to your site:

1. Content, Content, Content

Content is King. Search engines love content. The more content that there is on your website the more opportunities you are giving searchers to find you. The goal behind gaining higher search results is to get more visitors to your site. Unique content will help boost your site’s rankings.

4 easy ways of creating content on your website:

  1. Translate everything into text. Search engines can’t read images.
  2. Turn PDF’s into HTML, since PDFs ultimately lead search engines into a dead end.
  3. Don’t hide important content behind forms. Search engines aren’t able to fill out forms.
  4. Create an onsite Blog. Give the engines fresh content frequently. Sites that consistently update their content tend to rank better with the search engines.

2. Keyword Rich Content

Each page should focus on its own single unique keyword phrase giving your site the ability to rank for a variety of keywords. Having multiple key phrases on one page will dilute your keyword density and the ability to rank for important key phrases. Make sure to include your key phrases throughout your static content, as well as in your Meta Data (title, description and keywords). Keyword density is a measure of how many times a keyword appears within the page. As a best practice you should aim for a keyword density of approximately 4-7%. Anything higher runs the risk of looking like keyword “stuffing” which is frowned down upon by the search engines. If the keyword appears too many times, then it does not look natural and can result in poor search engine results. Here are a few free tools to check your keyword density:


3. Site Speed

Google has formally introduced speed into their ranking algorithm, so being aware of how fast your site loads should be of the utmost importance to you. Even more importantly then how the search engines take into account your load time, remember that by improving your site’s speed, you’re also improving your visitors experience. Here is a free tool to seeing how quickly your website loads:


These are just three of many easy-steps to achieving higher rankings and more FREE traffic to your site.

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