3 Types of Content to Help Boost SEO Rankings

Shanine Dorta - June 17, 2016

As an online marketer you’re probably aware that continuously creating fresh content for your website is a great way to stay on top of the SEO rankings ladder. So you feverishly write article after article in order to maintain, or lift, your Organic visibility, but to no avail. This could make you feel like you’re running in place. Have you considered the types of content you’re creating?

Long gone are the days where posting a few simple paragraphs in a blog will keep you at the top of the SEO game. Today, people (and search engines) want to see and experience more. Following are 3 different types of content to help boost SEO rankings.


For quite some time infographics have been on the digital scene. They are a great way to tell a story quickly, creatively and adeptly. Collaborate with your design team to create these engaging images. Don’t have a design team? Consider using free, online infographic creating tools such as Easel.ly. Just remember, search engines can’t read images so include your Alt tag!


Some people prefer to watch the movie than read the book. In today’s era of instant gratification, video is king. Consider translating your Top 5 Tips post or Ask the Expert interview onto a camera. To better understand if video is right for your business, read our blog post, Live Video for Your Content Marketing Strategy.

Guest Blogs

I know, guest blogging has gotten a bad rap in the past because many companies were only trying to increase backlinks to their website and were not following a Best Practices approach. However, by consistently posting engaging content on relevant blogs, you’ll drive up authority and increase your social shares. You’re also more likely to get actual, qualified traffic to your website from high-quality content.

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