3 Ways to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research

Kelcie Rivera - May 1, 2020

Having Google Trends in your arsenal when doing keyword research is a great way to keep up with shifting consumer interests and the content they prefer. Google Trends is a free tool that shows the relative popularity of a search query over a chosen period of time across Google Search, Shopping, Images, and YouTube. The tool also allows you to compare search queries and their trends in real time.

Here are a few ways to use Google Trends when conducting keyword research and planning content:

#1 Identify Seasonal Keywords & Trends

If your business is seasonally dependent, identify keywords that are relevant during the same seasonal peaks. Create and publish relevant content during these peaks.

#2 Identify Keywords with Decreasing Popularity

It is quite possible for a keyword relevant to your business to have high search volume yet falling popularity. If there are keywords that are declining, optimize existing pages and content with relevant, positively trending keywords.

#3 Find New Keyword Ideas

Google Trends offers a “Related Queries” sections that displays what users are also searching for. Use this section to build on your keyword list while getting some insight into your consumer’s journey.

Google Trends can be a powerful, unique tool for marketers in their storytelling. Trends provides insights into what users are curious about and what is the relevant content they wish to see.

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