3 Ways to Use Google Trends to Adjust Your Digital Marketing

Kelcie Rivera - May 13, 2020

In a previous post, we explored the use of Google Trends for keyword research and optimizing content. Google Trends provides data on popular topics and points of interest. Businesses can use Google Trends during market research to identify new opportunities and adjust their Digital Marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways to use Google Trends for market research:

#1 Measure Interest for Your Brand Category

Look at brand keywords for yourself as well as related category terms. Look at the competitor names that come up under the Related Search queries also. Use learnings form this data when selecting and bidding on keywords. Create a campaign that demonstrates your brand’s value proposition over those of your competition.

#2 Identify New Markets

Google Trends gives you a map for each search query, showing which geos it is most popular in. Use this map to identify any markets you may not yet be catering to or that are in need of additional focus. Target these geos via paid search campaigns or curate content specifically for these areas.

#3 Identify Needs From Consumers and Businesses

In Google Trends, are you noticing a gap in your offerings vs. popular search queries? Use this data to identify products or services customers need or are interested in that is within your scope of business.

Google Trends equips marketers with the data they need to understand their target audience and make strategic marketing decisions. Make Google Trends a tool you regularly use by subscribing to Alerts for automated emails providing updates on topics and searches in your area.

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