5 Fundamentals for Digital Marketing Success

Shanine Dorta - June 13, 2016

Undoubtedly, there are many different aspects to devising a successful digital marketing strategy, from establishing a solid tracking solution to knowing which channels you should be present in and how to efficiently allocate budget to each. To help, we’ve outlined 5 fundamentals to put you on the track for digital marketing success.

  1. Create an Engaging, Flexible Website. Think of your users and how they might engage with your site. What information is most important? Is that information easy to navigate to? Will your website provide a positive experience across all devices? If you’re not sure, it may be time to re-evaluate your site architecture and overall presence.
  2. Share Fresh Content Regularly. In order to keep a steady flow of site visitors, you need to maintain a steady flow of interesting, useful content. When generating quality content, you should consider how to effectively connect with potential customers in different stages of the purchasing funnel. Remember to offer different types of content such as infographics, video and other multimedia.
  3. Optimize for Your Conversion Process. Carefully map out the journey your customers would normally take as they move through each stage of the purchasing funnel to ultimately reach that prized conversion. Have you made it easy for them? Feel free to test different elements to see what might work better over time.
  4. Build a Social Face for Your Company. Get involved in the social channels where your site visitors are likely present – be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube or just writing blog posts that resonate with your readers. This will allow you to develop a relationship with your audience and could increase the chance of them doing business with you.
  5. Establish a Tracking System. What good are any of the above points if you don’t know how they are working for you? Implementing a solid monitoring and tracking strategy for your website is vital in understanding how all of your marketing efforts are working and will ultimately put you on the path to digital marketing success.
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