9 Ways to Avoid Getting Stuck While Writing a Blog Post!

MoreVisibility - March 7, 2007

Do you ever get stuck when you are trying to write a blog post? We all know how important fresh, updated content is in regard to both relevancy and to rating well in the search engines. But what should we write about?

After sitting at my computer staring at a blank page, I realized that I had to come up with a way to gather information that is relevant to whichever site I happen to be working on without wasting an enormous amount of time. To that end, I created the following criteria…

1. Focus on the main topic of your website.

2. List any topics that are related to your business and find ways to discuss them.

3. Are you planning on introducing any new products, changing any existing products or starting any new marketing initiatives (traditional media/ offline) that could be supported by a blog post?

4. Are you lobbying for any legislative changes that may affect your business? Are there any industry related changes pending that may cause a change in the way you do business? Do you need a forum to express your opinions about them?

5. Find ways to address the common issues and comments that you receive, which are related to your product or service.

6. Talk about any trade shows, festivals or related events that your company will participate in over the next six months.

7. Does your business sponsor any teams, community events or community service initiatives that you could write about?

8. Are there any topics related to your business that you wish you had the time to discuss, but never get around to? Blog posts are the perfect medium.

9. List any industry newsletters or blogs that might include topics that are relevant to your business, then go search for information you can use in your own posts.

Armed with this information, it should be relatively simple to come up with a number of topics to discuss. So if you find yourself stuck, do what I did, refer back to this list, figure out which topics are relevant to your site, then go forth and write!

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