Adding an Element of Animation

Syreeta Lockett - May 31, 2016

Adding small scale animations deliver an element of surprise and thoughtfulness to your website. Animations on your website assist in increasing engagement, adding a layer of interactivity to your site, and making your overall website more interesting than simply having a static design.


Think Through Your Users’ Experience

What are users clicking on? What do you want to happen when a user clicks? Animations suggest that you have thought through the user’s experience. Consider adding animations to explain a process or showcase unique features of your product or service. This would allow your users to view the website and gain understanding without having to read large amounts of text. Some site visitors are strictly visual learners and animation could help them understand more easily than large amounts of text.

Add Interactivity to Increase Engagement

Fun, interactive elements can also be used to increase engagement, and subsequently reduce a website’s bounce rate. Interactivity engages users and provokes people to click around, potentially increasing conversion rates. It would be ideal to use animations to explain a process, or inspire a user to click for more information on a product. Consider animated infographics, animated process graphics, and interesting hover effects.

Increase Interest

Animations bring static websites to life and make them appear more modern. Users feel more connected through the use of animation. Animation adds a layer to your website that you may have previously not considered. Although it is important to use animation, it is equally important to be strategic about their placement. Too many animations could distract from the overall message of the website. The Optimized Website Design team at MoreVisibility can help to formulate a strategy as to where the best placements for animations on your website are.

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