Align Your Keywords to Your Buyer’s Journey

Andrew Wetzler - May 16, 2023

Intuitively, when a person searches for something, there is a close correlation between the keywords they input and their “location” within the buyer’s journey; also known as the sales cycle.

Here’s how keywords might evolve at different stages of the buyer’s journey:

  1. Awareness Stage: At the outset, the searcher is just becoming aware of a problem or a need or a curiosity that they have. They’re apt to use broad keywords to gather information and educate themselves. For example, a person who is considering a trip to a country they’ve never visited may search for “vacation Switzerland”.
  2. Consideration Stage: Here, the searcher has identified their macro-objective and is actively researching about the country. They may be using more specific keywords that reflect what they’ve learned from the broader search. For example, a person who has decided that they plan to travel to Switzerland may begin searching for something narrower such as “hotels in the Ticino region”.
  3. Decision Stage: At this point, the searcher has narrowed down their options and is evaluating specific cities and hotels in the Ticino region. They may be using keywords that reflect what they’ve learned to this point. So, a searcher could enter “hotels on Lake Lugano”, which indicates that they are (probably) ready to make a commitment (reserve a room).

It’s important to note that these stages are not always linear, and a searcher may move back and forth between them (along the buyer’s journey) before deciding. That’s okay. The goal is to stay in front of them, which can occur through remarketing or direct outreach (email, phone, etc.) to increase the likelihood that they become a customer. Want to learn more, please reach out to us.

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