Attention: Your Website May Need a Tune Up

Laura Poklemba - April 29, 2022

Have you taken a closer look at or made changes to your website recently as many of us have done with aspects of our lives in this “post-pandemic” world? You may have low hanging fruit and not even realize it. Minor changes and quick updates can help give your website a renewed vibrance.

Have you thought about adding a new video, a YouTube video, a TikTok clip, a case study or testimonial (everyone loves a good story or video!!)?? Are you promoting or selling new items?

Below are a few tasks to consider to give your website a tune up:

  • Test different Call-to-Action buttons
  • Update pictures, images
  • Update any new partnerships/clients
  • Update management team or recent company accolades
  • Update social & partner buttons
  • Make sure headers and footers are consistent
  • Is your chat window in the right place? Is it working?
  • Update careers page/job postings
  • Update or eliminate COVID-19 information
  • Add or update testimonials
  • Add or update blog entries
  • Add or update press releases
  • Add or update videos

Making sure all call-to-action buttons are prominent, functioning, and properly redirected is key to gathering information and acquiring new business. Keeping your job postings current and listing all open positions on the careers page is vital today. Company event pictures also spark interest for recruitment of new candidates and job seekers.

Remember, your website should be very valuable for your company. It is basically the front door to your business. Little tweaks can go a long way!

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