Audience Is Everything: Creating Effective Blog Posts

Lauren Owens - July 5, 2012

If you’re reading this, you probably have a business, and it probably has a blog. Like many business owners, you most likely see your blog as just another way to bring more eyeballs to your website, and by extension, more customers to your company. But that’s just the beginning.

More than anything, your blog adds value for your customers and credibility for your brand. So if you’re simply writing for search engines, you’re missing the biggest and most important aspect of blogging — reaching people.

So, before you think about what keyword you want to optimize for, think about the types of people you want to attract. What kinds of things are important to them? More importantly, how can you add value to their lives while establishing your business as an authority?

Asking yourself these questions will likely take you down new avenues in terms of blog topics and social media content. It will also increase the likelihood that you’ll bring in qualified traffic, and have a better chance of converting that traffic into sales.

Even better, you can begin to cultivate a relationship with your customer base — one that will last far beyond any single immediate need.

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