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December 15 2010

Useful Cloud Tools To Help You Update Your Site


Have you ever wanted to make updates to your site from someone else’s computer? If you have, you probably have faced situations where the computer you use doesn’t have the programs you usually use to make these updates. One way to help you easily make updates is by using Cloud tools.

Moo Color Finder is a cloud tool that helps you find the colors being used in a site; this can come in very handy when creating new styles for your site and keeping it consistent. This tool is pretty simple to use, you can either go to the moo Color finder website and submit a url and it will return all of the color values in Hexadecimal and as a Photoshop Palette file, or you can add a snippet of code to the website you would like to retrieve the colors from and they will display on your page. For this you will need a page that uses a language such as PHP.

There is another great tool called Picnik that allows you to edit images on the cloud and could be very useful when tweaking images or adding new images to a blog post. This tool helps you crop, resize, zoom, rotate, sharpen among other features that provides the results in real time. After all the changes are made to the picture, all you need to do is save it.

Another tool that will be very useful when testing code in PHP, .Net and Javascript is called Coderun. This cloud tool allows you to create projects either from scratch, a template provided by the service or uploading your own files and testing it’s functionality. You can test changes you would like to make to your website without having to push it live or using a development server before pushing it to your live site.    

Google docs also provides great tools you can use in the cloud. These include creating a word document, a spreadsheet or even drawing. There is also a tool called Forms, which allows you to create HTML forms that can be used as a template when adding a form to your site.

The great thing about these tools is that you can access them from anywhere that has an internet connection and it can become a real time saver, since it allows you to use their services without the need of setting up any software in the computer you are currently using. They can help you improve your site by adding information, as well as styles and a means to test code which can help develop your site and give you flexibility allowing you to progress your social presence.

December 3 2010

Skyfire the Mobile Social Browser


Skyfire is a mobile browser that brings social media features to its users. Have you ever wanted to share information you have found while browsing on your mobile phone? Skyfire allows you to accomplish this and more.

Some of the features Skyfire offers are video capability which includes flash, popular content, which displays the most popular content of your friend and Facebook. Another great functionality is the Fireplace Feed Reader, which just provides links from your Facebook feed. This includes the ability of the browser to link your facebook profile with it. With one touch you can access your Facebook profile, places, status updates among other features, making it easier to handle your Facebook account without having to open a new application on your mobile device to make an update or add a link.

When it comes to making a search in this mobile browser, you have the ability to choose specific places you would like your search to be made on, such as on Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites. This search feature combined with the option of changing the user agent gives the user the ability of viewing the mobile version of the site or the actual desktop version.

Currently, the newest version of skyfire is only available for android devices running Android 2.0 or higher, and it can be found on the Android marketplace. We hope to see this new feature available for other mobile devices soon. This browser shows how important mobile search use has become, since it’s easily available for people to use and it makes social media and SEO strategies for your company very important.

November 11 2010

RockMelt Browser – Sharing Introduced to Your Browser Experience


Have you ever made an online search and wanted to share one of the results with some friends or clients? or have one location to update several of your social media sites in one place? There is now an easy way to do that and it’s called RockMelt.

RockMelt is a browser currently in beta testing that uses Chromium, which is an open source project provided by Google and which is used to create the Google Chrome Browser. Because it is using Chromium, the browser is fast, secure and even supports HTML5 and CSS3.

Some of the features that RockMelt offers are the ability to view your bookmarks, your feeds and any other account information from anywhere with an internet connection. How they achieve this, is by providing a login account to the browser and storing all your information in the cloud, so it can be accessed from anywhere.

The browser has two sidebars, one on the left and the other one on the right of the browser. The left sidebar displays your favorite friends and the right sidebar displays your accounts, these being your Facebook, twitter, the times, among other accounts.

RockMelt Browser

Even though this browser is only in beta testing, it will continue to grow, improve and possibly become a very important browser, mainly because of its sharing functionalities. This browser can help you maintain your personal, as well as company account up to date by helping you manage your social media accounts from anywhere you are and improve your SEO ranking in the process.


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