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June 7 2017

3 Factors that play into Local SEO


Local SEO has many signals and ways that search engines categorize a website and decide on how best to rank content.  Most of these signals can be categorized into three factors:

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April 19 2016

The Value of Keyword Tracking vs. Onsite SEO Reporting


Defining keywords for your SEO strategy is the foundation for quality Organic traffic.  Measuring the success of your Organic traffic is a multi-prong approach and takes several report types to make sure you’re getting the most information.

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December 13 2012

Importance of Relevant Search Results in Google and Bing


Relevant search results are the results given back within a search engine for a specific keyword or keyphrase that a searcher would look for.   They are a representation of how many pages (not websites) on the web are considered related by that specific search.   These results have many uses, which include helping a business understand if a certain keyword or keyphrase would be worth spending budget on to drive qualified visitors.

An example of a relevant search result would be searching for the word “movies”, compared to “comedy movies”.   Search for both of these on Google, here are the results that are returned:

You can see in both of these shots, that the relevant search results are 3.6 billion and 449 million respectively.   Obviously, it makes sense that something as generic as “movies” would have a lot more relevant results than “comedy movies”, but we can take this a step further.

Let’s look at “Will Ferrell movies for sale in Cleveland Ohio” and compare it to “Will Ferrell movies for sale in Akron Ohio”:

If I was a retailer that focused on selling movies in Ohio, I can then compare competition between these major cities, or find more niche words that do not have as many competitors.
Additionally, every search engine would give back a different number of relevant search results based on their algorithm and how they qualify content as “relevant”.   For the keywords we researched above, here are the results returned by Bing:

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