Build your Site Content with an FAQ

Michael Bergbauer - January 10, 2012

For many websites that want to increase their SEO, they must also increase their onsite content. For some companies the question of what to add to their site is an easy one. Still, others struggle with the concept; what will their target audience want to see and what is the company actually able to produce?

In many cases, an FAQ or a Q/A page is a good fit. It’s not too difficult to get into the head of your audience and anticipate what questions they may have about your product or business. However, if you are not sure what your audience wants to know (or you want to expand your page with even more questions), you can invite visitors to your site to participate.

Set up a form that allows visitors to submit their questions. Monitor what comes in and keep an eye out for question trends. You can add more common questions to your FAQ, or write short articles or blog posts for other questions.

Don’t forget, you can further optimize this page by inserting links to relevant pages on your site — including contact pages, services pages, and even other answers. In the process, not only will you be optimizing, you may also be learning about the needs and concerns of your target audience.

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