Building a Website with SEO in Mind

Darren Franks - May 26, 2010

Most web designers and developers are savvy enough to know that building a website with SEO in mind is a lot easier than implementing SEO changes once a website has been up and running. What are some basic steps that one should employ when building their website.

Firstly, it’s extremely important to carefully plan your content and meta data well ahead of time, even before all of the aesthetic considerations. Knowing what the primary keyphrase is for all of your top level pages before you start to write the content will make it easier in the long run. Also, writing all of your titles, descriptions and keywords in advance will save on having to create them in the future. Content and meta data writing can be very time consuming, especially if SEO is an afterthought.

When developing your SEO strategy, you should also remember to actively seek out inbound links. Set aside some time to find industry leaders and hub pages that would bring you quality traffic and pass on some of that valuable “link juice” to the website.

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