Call Tracking Available in GMB: Beta

Khrysti Nazzaro - June 17, 2021

For any brands who rely on phone calls to help drive new business and/or customer service, an Ongoing Beta feature in Google My Business (GMB) is sure to be a welcome addition to your measurement protocols. Since the last part of 2020, Google has been sending out emails to select Google My Business Accounts announcing an “experimental feature only available to a small number of users”.

Called “Call History” this new tool provides analytics data (phone numbers / caller information) for people who have “called through your Business Profile” in GMB. In other words, if someone clicks to call you from your claimed listing in Google Maps and this feature is enabled, you will have *free* call tracking on these “Organic” calls.

Not sure if you have access to the feature yet? Keep your eyes peeled for an email from Google prompting you to “Try Call History”. Once you get your email and login into GMB, you should see the following:

The feature works similarly to other Call Tracking methodologies, in that the inbound caller is forwarded via a unique number and a “whisper” functionality alerts whoever answers that this is an inbound call from Google.

The “See Call History” button leads to tallies and additional data:

The “History” list includes the call details include phone number, data, whether it was answered, and more. Everything your business needs to return missed calls from GMB or analyze the effectiveness of your Business Profile.

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