ChatGPT vs. Bard… Inning 1

Andrew Wetzler - May 15, 2023

It’s almost surreal that the internet and Digital Marketing have evolved to a point where the debate today centers around the pace of progress in Artificial Intelligence. It’s a “Jetson’s-like” moment for those of us who’ve been around since the early days.

Yet, here we are and the impact for Digital Marketers has barely begun to be realized. The sizzle (like most new things on the web) is significantly greater than the substance now in terms of the applications (use cases) projected to be on the horizon as the technology progresses.

While I believe that the bigger picture challenge and opportunities lie in understanding how Google, Bing, etc. are incorporating AI into their search engines, it’s valuable to begin experimenting now.

Many marketers have begun testing with Bard and ChatGPT over the past few weeks from a content creation standpoint. Most who have shared their opinion on how they stack up favor ChatGPT. In fact, even Google has hinted lately they are playing a bit of catch-up.

I thought it would be insightful to pose the same question to both and compare the answers.

Here goes:

Question: What’s a model to show how to calculate “return on ad spend”?

Bard response:

ChatGPT response:

As you can see, the answers from both Bard and ChatGPT were fairly similar.

Overall, my experience to this point aligns with the industry consensus that ChatGPT provides a better user result thus far, but as mentioned in the title, I believe that things are just getting started and the ways AI is integrated into Search results will be very interesting to observe and begin to optimize against.

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