Community Events and Link Building Opportunities

Michael Buczek - April 27, 2009

While browsing through one of my favorite morning show websites, I noticed pictures of a charity event.   As I followed those links and went to the event’s page, I also noticed that there was a page with a list of sponsors.   To my surprise, the links to the websites were not “no follow”. The links also contained quality anchor text.

This made me think about how sponsoring events could be a great link building opportunity.   Sponsoring local events in your area is positive for the community and beneficial for your link building efforts because the links are high quality and relevant.  

With the summer approaching, many communities and organizations in your area will be hosting events, fundraisers, running events and more.   Keep your eye out for these events to see if there are relevant sponsorship opportunities to incorporate into your link building efforts.   Sponsoring events can not only help your link building efforts, but it can also increase your brand’s reputation on and offline.   Showing your customers that you care about the community can help to solidify their decision when choosing your goods or services versus a competitor’s.

So, the next time you are involved in an event, ask about the sponsor page and think about the possible link building opportunities that can go along with it.

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