Creating a Google Places Account

Michael Buczek - September 8, 2010

As location based services are becoming more popular with searchers through the use of map searches and mobile devices, it is important that all businesses have some presence.   The first place that you should turn to is Google.   Google Local has recently been replaced with Google Places.   You may have seen the map that appears in Google that includes local businesses related to your search query.   These results are coming from Google Places.

To get started, open and search for your company.  

Google Places

Once you locate your business, click on the “more info” link to open the Place page.   Here you will be able to claim your listing if you have not already done so.

Google Places
Once you go through the claiming process, edit the information to make sure it is up to date.   Choose the most appropriate categories, or create them if they don’t already exist.   You will now have the ability to view statistics about how people are utilizing your Google Places page.   Some of the items you will be able to view include:

  • Impressions (how many times users saw this business listing)
  • Actions (clicks for more information, driving directions, clicks to your website)
  • Top search queries
  • Where driving direction requests came from

Another great feature that you will receive is a QR code.   A QR code is a graphic code that can be read and interpreted by Smartphone cameras with the right application installed.

Google Places

You can place this QR code on business cards, store locations and in other print collateral.   When the QR code is read by a phone, it will give a mobile version of the page, which is easier to read.   Below is an example of what the Google Places page for MoreVisibilty looks like after being read with a QR Code:

Smart Phone

Setting up your Google Places account is the first step to success in the local search landscape.  

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