Creating a Press Section for your Website

Michael Buczek - November 20, 2008

Press or news sections of a website should have a very specific goal.   The main purpose is to give journalists and bloggers quick information about your company or website.   If they can’t find what they are looking for they will leave.   These people are typically very busy and have little time to waste searching your website for information.   Make it simple for them, give them.  

Your news section should feature information at a glance that can be taken and digested easily.   Some of the most important aspects to include are the following:

– Recent News — Make sure you are saving your web clippings and posting your press releases.   If you haven’t done this in a while, it is time to update.   If the current information is months old, there is no reason for someone to inquire about what you are doing because it looks like you are doing nothing.   Now might be the best time to start creating press releases.

– Leadership Bios — A short paragraph about each leader will suffice.   Include some background information, schools attended, previous positions and years with the company.   These people are at the forefront of your company, so people may want to contact them directly.   If the leadership does not prefer to be contacted directly, provide information on the main contact person regarding interviews, statements etc.

– Downloadable Press Kit — This will make it super simple for the time constrained writer.   In the press kit you should include, a current copy of your company newsletter, recent press releases, product/service information and anything else you might think would be beneficial.   This is not something that is set in stone so; you can vary what goes in this.

– Links to your company blogs — Aside from press releases and news clippings, this should be the most current information regarding your company.   If you make it easy for people to find and subscribe, they will continue to visit your blog and news section for more ideas to write about later on.

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