A Custom Optimized Design vs. A Templated Site with SEO

Syreeta Lockett - March 1, 2018

Let’s face it – templated websites are cheaper. On top of that, a lot of templated web companies boast that they include ‘SEO’. On the surface, it’s understandable why it would be intriguing to go with an inexpensive solution that includes a basic level of Search Engine Optimization. However, in a competitive digital landscape, you can’t afford not to have an optimized website that is customized to your audience and search engines.

A custom optimized design project at MoreVisibility takes a holistic approach to your website, including navigation, keywords, content strategy, design and responsive coding. Our content strategies observe your competitive landscape and identify trends and opportunities for your business that are then supported by both design and technical SEO. This collaborative approach between our Content Strategists, Designers, and Technical SEO Specialists creates a team with various perspectives and expertise behind an initiative that some may consider a ‘simple website’. By using this approach, the team is creating an infrastructure behind a well-designed site that is focused not only on aesthetics but on your business and how your business ‘speaks’ to search engines and your customers.

Alternatively, by using a templated site, you lack a custom approach and a true SEO foundation, which is often revisited at a higher cost to your business to repair and restructure to capitalize on missed opportunities. Templated sites that market themselves as including ‘SEO’ typically only include a very basic level of SEO. There is a lack of correlation between your industry and audience trends and specific technical SEO components that can be factored into your site and will increase your overall presence in search engines. Additionally, the approach to audiences and conversion funnels is often overlooked.

It pays to be seen in search engines, and the associated cost of building a proper website is worth the investment.

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