Customer-Centric Content Starts with More Than Just Your Homepage

Khrysti Nazzaro - February 11, 2016

SEOs have long struggled to get brands to embrace the fact that their homepages may not be the first way users encounter their websites. Search engines rank the most relevant page for each query and more specific or niche queries tend to align themselves best with deeper-level pages, not a brand’s homepage. What does that mean for website strategy? For one thing, it means that every webpage on your site should be treated like an “entry” point and incorporate:

  • clear calls to action
  • easy accessibility to all your other important content – through well-developed primary and footer navigation
  • a clear link to a contact page
  • the prominent placement of your phone number
  • an understanding of what stage that content is in the buyer’s journey and where they should logically go next

This upheaval of what your true homepage is also means, that both your on- and offsite content should be mapped to meet prospective customers’ needs in terms of:

  • who they are
  • what you can/should provide them for their stage of research/interest in your offerings

These points are emphasized and explored by our recent special guest author, Charity Stebbins, from Conductor who writes: “Ask yourself: does each entry point of my site map towards my products? Are there sufficient conversion opportunities to help keep them from slipping through the cracks?” To learn more, read the complete article “Your Homepage Is Not Where You Think It Is – Drive More Conversions with Customer-First Content Mapping.

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