Does Your Website Close the Deal?

Syreeta Lockett - November 22, 2016

Your website should be viewed as the most important component of your conversion funnel, not simply a first impression for your company.

Websites should be designed to answer all questions your sales team experiences along the conversion path. Before approaching a website redesign, have your sales team write a list of 5 questions they receive that either are not on the website or are not easily accessible for site users. It would be advantageous to design the website with the main sales questions in mind.

There are multiple ways that you can incorporate content that assists in the sales process:

  1. Content: You may consider adding pages to your site that answer the questions that site users are frequently asking your sales team. You may even find opportunity to add these keywords to help your website in search engine rankings. The MoreVisibility Optimized Services department is able to answer your specific content and SEO questions for your existing website and for a complete optimized redesign.
  2. Portfolio and Case Studies: Adding a portfolio and case studies to your website adds validity. This allows for those in the sales process to look at comparable cases and examples of your best work.
  3. Process Graphics or Infographics: Process graphics and infographics could help potential customers understand the benefits of being your customer when they first enter your website. These image graphics could help capture the user’s attention, and provide them with a better understanding of your company.
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