Evolution of Mobile Search – Siri

Carolina Usbeck - May 10, 2010

The increasing use of mobile browsing has spurred the creation of applications and improvements for browsers that allow users to have a friendly and more customized search experience. There is one application that has taken a lot of notice this year and whose company has been recently bought by Apple. This Application is called Siri.

Siri allows you to have a “personal assistant” with you at all times. It learns from your requests and questions and provides real time services to fulfill requests. Siri performs searches to accomplish the tasks at hand and this is why it can be considered a very important part of SEO for the future. Even though it became available at the beginning of this year, it has shown great potential and was even named the most innovative company at BizSpark conference provided by Microsoft.

All that is required to set up this assistant is an email address and a password. You can customize the settings and get a friendly reply informing you of any changes made. Siri can also manage your Twitter account and as the application grows many other accounts might be available to add in the future.

Siri provides two main ways to communicate with it, by typing your request or simply by saying your request. It also gives you the option to save addresses and credit card information to be a more efficient assistant. Location based search allows this assistant to book restaurants, call a cab, find events and many other things available in your area, which can come in really handy.

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