Five Types of Tasty Link Bait

Michael Bergbauer - August 8, 2011

Just about anyone in SEO will tell you that building a strong catalog of backlinks to your site is important for success. There are several link building techniques at your disposal you can use to accomplish this. However, the best way to build links is to have interesting, quality content on your site.

Creating content that other people will be tempted to link to is known as link bait. There are many strategies available to create some irresistible link bait:

  • Breaking News: If you can be among the first to report the latest news in your industry, you will be the first to start getting links. Better yet, if you can do this consistently, users will come to see you as an authority on the subject and may begin to link to other materials on your site.
  • Instructional materials: “How to _____” is among the most searched topics on the Internet. A comprehensive “How To” article or video can become quite popular among users. People use the Internet to learn and share, and you can help them do both with instructional material that generates backlinks for you.
  • Information Presented Interestingly: Your website is full of information. Then again, so is everyone else’s site. If you want your information to stand out and collect links, it must be presented with an interesting angle. Set yourself apart from the walls of text found across the rest of the Internet. Bullet lists, infographics, cartoons, and comic strips all have stronger potential for link value that text alone. Try to present your content in entertaining ways that people will like to absorb and share.
  • Polls and Reviews: These are a great way to engage your audience in conversation. As the conversation grows, so does the potential to get more links.
  • Tools: Users love free widgets, software, or other tools. Take, for example, MoreVisibility’s Google Analytics URL Tagging Tool. When you can simplify a task for a user, they will share it.

As you can see, creating quality link bait can require a lot of time and creativity. It’s no coincidence that link building can be the most difficult part of an SEO campaign. But, with effort and perseverance, you can get the links you need to increase your traffic and conversions.

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