Google Caffeine Live

Michael Buczek - June 10, 2010

After a year of testing, Google has released its newest search technology.   Google Caffeine is supposed to provide 50 percent fresher results as compared to the last index.   Now when you are searching for news, photos videos and websites, you will see links to more relevant content quicker.

Google says that this technology is necessary to keep up with the staggering amount of content that is created and uploaded to the Web each day.   People and businesses are posting more content through their own sites, blogs and social media channels than ever before.   Google wants to make sure that the most relevant content is posted when a searcher makes a query.   The new index is built with the future in mind.   It has the ability to re-index content quicker and lays a foundation for the growth of information online.   You can read the official post about Caffeine at Google’s own blog.

As this search technology rolls out, we will be keeping an eye to determine how this impacts search results..   Generally speaking, when Google makes a change like this, things will shift around for a little while, but then when all is sorted out, the best results are left standing.   With Google’s push to be indexing the most relevant content, this says to me that the sites with blogs attached, or frequent content updates will fare best.   Sites that remain stagnant in content will not benefit from this new technology.   To stay ahead of the curve, be sure that you are exploring all of the possibilities of frequent content updates.   Start a blog, engage in social media, update your website often and post pictures wherever you can.

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