Google Mobile Search Made Easy

Carolina Usbeck - November 2, 2009

Google has created a simple way to help users with their search needs. It has created search options for mobile devices, which enhance the search experience on a mobile phone and provide a nicer and quicker search for specific information.

Google Mobile SearchAs you can see on the image, there is an “options” tab on the right hand side of the Google site, which gives different choices for filtering results. Either by selecting the type of websites you would like to check, the date the information on the sites have been posted or whether you are looking for images, text or standard results.

The implementation of the options tab changes depending on the area of the search you are performing; if you are looking for information in the “web” as you can see on the picture you are provided with these general options described above. If you search within “shopping” the options available are sorting the information based on price and product ranking.

When you are using your phone to perform a search, remember the different options available to you by the options tab, it can be a real time saver.

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