Update to Google Site Search

Syreeta Lockett - March 5, 2018

Google has announced they will discontinue its ad-free version of Google Site Search by April 2018. Many websites currently utilize the Google Site Search functionality to allow users to search their content:

Google Site Search currently allows for users to search a website and only receive results based on the content that exists on that particular website. This allows users to get directly to the content they were searching for on the site, allowing them to navigate with ease.

If you fail to make the switch by April 1st to another third-party site search, your customers will see advertisements (likely from your competition) within the search results page of your website displayed by Google Site Search. By changing to another third-party site-search solution, you can bypass allowing your website to advertise for your competition. If your website currently utilizes an ad-free version of Google Site Search, there are other third-party search options that MoreVisibility can implement on your website to achieve a similar result.

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