Ultimate Guide to Web Content: Part 1 Simplifying the Writing Process

Khrysti Nazzaro - November 17, 2015

Content creation is ubiquitous in your online marketing plan and task list – but you dread it. Why? If you’re like many, then staring at a blank Word document may feel like an insurmountable burden. But, it doesn’t have to. You can simplify the writing process and create better content – more quickly – with just a few basic tips.

  • Research Topics in Advance: Conduct keyword research, craft an editorial/content calendar that maps the topics you want to cover, and stop trying to brainstorm what you’re going to write about the day it’s due. Advance planning will remove a lot of that “hot seat” feeling that can arise from being on deadline – and, without that added pressure, the words should already begin to flow more easily from your keyboard.
  • Draft an Outline: The easiest process for any outline is to answer a few simple questions about your topic. It’s quite likely you’ve run into these before:
    • Who?
    • What?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • Why?
    • And How?

If you can type 1-2 sentences answering each of these questions, you’ve practically completed 50% of the “from scratch” work. The rest is all about refinement and editing.

  • Get Help from the Experts: Those who really hate writing can create endless amounts of content without barely having to think up a unique phrase or sentence just by enlisting the help of their colleagues or industry thought leaders. Simply invite a colleague to “contribute” to your piece in the form of an interview. Comprise some questions, ask them, and record your expert’s answers. Provided the format makes sense for your intended use, the transcript of your discussion can double as the piece itself.
  • Go Beyond Text: Pictures, video, and other multimedia can provide significant depth to the topics you want to cover – and the more details they include the fewer words you need to write to get your point across. Next time you have a piece to create, plan ahead what kinds of media might be a nice complement and request it from your design team (if you’re lucky enough to have one). It should be a great boost to your content marketing prowess to create a more impactful, engaging piece in far less time.

Not every marketer is a born writer, but content creation doesn’t have to be torture. You can set yourself up for greater success by planning ahead and utilizing the resources around you effectively. If your copywriting takes less time, you’ll have more availability to publish, distribute, and promote your message.

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