Have you Checked out Google Webmaster Central Lately?

Darren Franks - December 20, 2010

Any good webmaster that has a predilection for a well optimized site should always be perusing Google Webmaster Central (googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com) for the latest Google features. These updates on their blog are really useful for keeping up on the current innovations from the worlds most popular search engine.

Some recent blog posts of note include:

  1. Search queries with top pages: This post announces the addition of the ability for site owners to use Webmaster Tools to analyze impression, click, and position data for their top pages.
  2. More queries show additional results from a domain: Instead of the usual 2 results for a type of search query, Google will now serve around 4, meaning that some sites will have much more of a presence for exact name matches for their company name or brand.
  3. Control crawling and indexing of your site: Google has created a new subdomain, http://code.google.com/, which explains, in a lot of detail, about how to correctly set up a site’s robots.txt file and robots meta tags.

It can sometimes be a daunting task to sift through all of the information on the Internet about how Google wants you to design your site when it comes to indexing and ranking. Webmaster Central is a useful resource if you are on the fence about designing your site for SEO.

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